Prime location

Our vineyards are located on the best land in the region, at an average altitude of 812 meters and at a distance of no more than 3 kilometers from the winery, which allows us to deliver the freshly harvested grapes to the winery with short journeys. always fresh.


Ideal climatology

With long winters and extreme temperatures in the summer with enormous temperature differences between day and night, in addition to long periods of drought, we achieve excellent quality grapes and full ripening. This is decisive for the quality of the final product.


DO Ribera del Duero

All our vineyards are of the Tempranillo variety, the queen grape of the area, which is fully expressed in the Ribera del Duero and offers us aromas of red and black fruits, with a sweet and silky tannin. The fine ink excellently assimilates the long aging periods necessary for top-of-the-range wines.

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