Viyuela Gran Reserva

Let’s celebrate together an unparalleled milestone! It is with great excitement that we announce the exciting launch of an oenological treasure that embodies two decades of passion and dedication: Viyuela Gran Reserva. This exquisite wine, made from 100% of the noble Tempranillo grape of the 2015 vintage, has matured for 34 months in select French oak barrels and has rested for another 12 months in the bottle, thus reaching its full splendour.

Located in the historic village of Boada de Roa, in the very heart of the prestigious Ribera del Duero wine region, our vineyard stands as a reflection of the land that nurtures it and the climate that embraces it. Over two decades, we have devotedly honoured these essential elements, fusing them with the dedication and know-how of our community to create wines of exceptional character.

Viyuela Gran Reserva is the very embodiment of this commitment. Each sip tells the story of long hours in the sun, painstaking hands tending each vine and the mystery of the seasons caressing the clusters. The meticulous process of selection and ageing in French oak barrels has culminated in a wine of unparalleled elegance, where ripe fruit notes intertwine with delicate hints of vanilla and spice, wrapped in a smooth, velvety structure.
This 2015 vintage of Viyuela Gran Reserva embodies the passage of time and the art of bottle ageing, allowing the flavours to evolve and intertwine to offer a unique sensory experience at each tasting. The soul of Ribera del Duero is trapped in every drop, and it is with great joy that we share this achievement with you, our valued wine lovers.

On this 20th anniversary, the reunited family raises our glasses to toast to perseverance, tradition and innovation. Viyuela Gran Reserva is much more than a wine; it is a tribute to our past, a gift to the present and a commitment to a future of winemaking excellence. Join us in this celebration, and discover the bottled magic that comes from the heart of Ribera del Duero. Cheers!

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