The Great Golden Zarzillo

The red wine Viyuela Xº Aniversario from Bodegas Viyuela (Ribera del Duero. 2013 vintage) won a Grand Zarcillo de Oro at the Zarcillo Awards.

The Zarcillo awards are a prestigious recognition in the Spanish wine industry. They are organized by the Junta de Castilla y León, an autonomous community in northwestern Spain known for its winemaking tradition and renowned wines.

The purpose of the Zarcillo awards is to highlight the quality and excellence of Spanish wines, promote competitiveness and innovation in the wine sector, as well as promote its recognition both nationally and internationally.

The Zarcillo awards contest is carried out through a rigorous blind tasting, in which a panel of expert tasters evaluates the participating wines. The wines are judged in different categories, such as red, white, rosé, sparkling wines, etc., and gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded to the highest quality wines.

In addition to the medals, the Great Golden Zarcillo is awarded to the wine that obtains the highest score in the contest, making it the best wine in the competition.

The Zarcillo awards are highly valued in the Spanish wine industry and their recognition is considered a seal of quality for wine producers. They also help promote the award-winning wines and boost the reputation of the participating wineries both nationally and internationally.

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